How To Mold Polymer Clay

What is a Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is best material which you can easily purchase to create the many unusual styles and shapes for the jewelry. This clay is available in liquid and solid forms and it is a man made material which is made for modeling. Polymer clay is created from PVC plastic and it stays soft and pliable till the clay is baked and set. It is a clay like material that is available in different colors, translucencies, shimmers.

How to Customize Polymer Clay

  • You can mix and match the clay to get a new color, shape or pattern you like. Hence, creating personalized jewelry can be made easily.
  • You can also color the clay by using some paints, chalk, ink and glitter. When you like to make dolls by availing this clay, it is best to purchase the particular style for this work.
  • The process is also begins with clay smoothing and conditioning. Rolling and kneading the polymer clay in the palms is best way to develop the malleability of the clay.
  • Certain people avail household products such as food processors to do this. Some may use pasta tools to perform the similar work.

When you decide to avail any these methods, you should ensure to continue to use the machines for clay sculpting. Reading some additional notes about polymer clay molds from internet will assist you to find the perfect tools to use to make the process easier.

Tips in Creating Armatures with Polymer Clay

  • You can also use a durable aluminum wire to create the armature.
  • After doing all this, you must apply the polymer clay to the design, hence that you make the body perfectly.
  • Complete the armature to get a image of the original thing.
  • Using a mold, you can make hands, heads and feet. You can also use the raw slab of the polymer clay to make all the parts.

In this circumstance, you want to have various kinds of sculpting tools. When purchasing the clay, you should ensure that you purchase a tool kit. When you are satisfied with the look of the armatures, you can easily begin the original sculpting process. You may also want to do injection molding process. Your hands want to be clean prior to the molding of the polymer clay.

What to Do after Shaping the Polymer Clay

  • After performing the designs, next you can do to bake in the kiln with the heat of 275 degrees. The time is also advised for baking is 15 minutes per inch of sculpture.
  • The sculptures which are low with one inch thick at the similar parts would need to have one hour of heating.
  • You must also have products that will give shine to the surfaces of the sculptures. Aside from that, good paints are also needed.

Getting helps from the internet to choosing the best equipment and tools for creating polymer clay molds products is best.