Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding machine is used to produce various plastic parts, used in consumer electronics, household appliances, automobile industry and a number of different industries.

  • PARTS: The injection molding machine is made up of the injection unit, molding unit and clamping unit, which help in producing the desired plastic part.
  • PROS: The advantages of injection molding machine include lowering of labor cost and maximizing the production. It results in an accurate dimension product with good surface finish.
  • BRANDS: Toshiba, Van Dorn, Nissei, Sumitomo, Newbury, Meiki, Boy and Cincinnati are some manufacturers of injection molding machines. The injection molding machine price can vary from cheap to expensive depending on the quality and its features.

The injection molding process involves pouring and heating of the raw material, and inserting it into a custom designed mold cavity by use of a rotating screw. It is then cooled and ejected from the mold cavity, giving the required part.

Injection molding machine types

There are of four types:

  • Hydraulic injection molding machine: increase production output.
  • Electric injection molding machine: produce fast and accurate results with minimum energy.
  • Mechanical injection molding machine: are as reliable as hydraulic machine.
  • Hybrid injection molding machine: a combination of hydraulic and electric machines, which use less power and constant HP to produce accurate results.

Injection molding machine manufacturers and sale:

Boy Machines Inc.

The following models of injection molding machines from BOY series,

  • BOY XS: is an ultra compact model which is designed with 100 kN of clamping force. It is used for single cavity and micro injection molding with vertical insert molding. It is precise and easy to operate.
  • BOY 22A: is designed with a 220 kN clamping force. It is a high efficiency machine which provides vertical insert molding along with horizontal-vertical (HV)/ vertical-horizontal (VH) partial line injection. The 22 E model doesn’t include partial line injection.
  • BOY 35E: is a high precision injection molding machine with 350 kN clamping force and a HV/VH partial line injection. It is used for producing large moulds.
  • BOY 55E: this model is designed with a Procan ALPHA full-touch control and an easily accessible ejection system with a 550 kN clamping force. The materials used are thermoplastic, thermoset, LSR, and elastomer. A proportional valve is used to precisely position the moving platen.
  • BOY 90E: has same feature as BOY 55E but with a clamping force of 900 kN.
  • BOY XS V: is a small injection molding machine is designed in such a way that it can be integrated into the production line. Its clamping force is 100 kN. It is mostly used for over-molding of metal and semi-finished plastic product parts.

Elite manufacturers Inc.

Its online website offers a wide variety of injection molding machine brands. It also features used injection molding machine, both horizontal and vertical, with a clamping force starting from 88 ton to 1000 ton. The injection molding machine can be priced from $10,000 and will vary according to the clamping force and design and technology.